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- Mission accomplished - from a ball of yarn to little hands...I'm all teary..with itching fingers. - Ronnie L. after seeing images of her bears in the hands of the children.

- I have been knitting for many years (got knitting needles for my 9th birthday-I really wanted an Elvis Presley record!) and can't not knit. Sitting down requires Addi turbos and nice yarn. I love volunteering for something I touch, and this certainly fits the bill. - Leslie J.

- Every time I knit a bear, I feel a gift has been given to me - the gift to share. -  Donya

- The awesome way to touch a Heart! God bless those hands - Philip O.

- As long as children need toys, I'll keep knitting bears. I'll be knitting my little fingers off.  I can't think of a better way to start the new year. -  Alice S.

- What a wonderful thing this is for God's children!!!. - Sister Pietrina

- Let's do it again! - Dr. Harryafter distributing bears in Uganda

- So generous and kind of you to give a child, who is sacred and intimidated, a symbol of friendship. -  Toby Tanser, Founder of Shoe4Africa

- What you are doing for the children,  especially those who have lost their parents or caregivers to AIDS,  is very important.  You are providing them with a transitional object.  - Columbia University Professor

I have made a commitment to myself to make 100 bears. It is so rewarding to do this project; always brings a smile when I look at them. One can only have so many chests full of sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, mittens, blankets! My family has put a ban on any knitted gifts! LOL 
My family sends gratitude and many thanks that my compulsive knitting has been redirected to Knitting Without Borders!  - Leslie J.